Born 22 September 1992, with full name, Angelina Hirawan.
A girl that hope one day she will unite the world through her singing.

Angelyn loves singing since her younger days. She finally find that singing is really her passion through her encounter with her high school friend that asked Angelyn to join her cover idol group. From that day onwards, Angelyn realized that singing is not just something that she did for fun. she wants to stand on stage and performing. Soon after that she also start her own youtube channel named “ChigusaSinging” ( where she continously upload her singing and cover songs. Most of her cover songs were her own Bahasa Indonesia translation of Japanese songs. Why Japanese songs? cause Angelyn found that Japanese song has such beautiful & motivated meaning - and that’s what she wants to do, giving people motivation & inspiration to her listener. One of her favorite song is "River" from AKB48 which the meaning is about "never give up" and "believe in the future".

Her channel was popular within Japanese pop culture enthusiasts in Indonesia. But most of her fans that time were from 48’s groups fans, cause she uploads many 48’s group songs that haven’t been translated to Bahasa Indonesia in her channel. She also like Korean songs so she upload her cover of famous Korean song “Gee” from Girls Generation which till today becoming her most viewed video with more than 540,000 views.

But since 2016 Angelyn migrate to her new channel “Lovangel Studio”
( where she put mostly anisong cover song.

At 2012 Angelyn was scouted by Horipro Japan (one of the biggest Japan’s talent agency) and she the debuted as “Angelina from Asian Pop Collective” in AFA ID 2013 where she did her first solo performance at AFA ID 2013 “I Love Anisong Concert” as the opening act. Later on, Angelyn also start taking job as MC. She’s annually becoming MC for one of the biggest Japanese Festival “Sakura Matsuri” since 2014 till now.

After ending her contract with Horipro in 2015, she start doing activities on her own in Indonesia. She’s been frequently performing & MC-ing at Event’s in Indonesia. Also at 2015 Angelyn was being chosen as Indonesia Media representative’s reporter and Model for Visit Nagoya 2015.

On 2016 year Angelyn forming a duo-unit named “SPiCA” with Sayuri Lilia which they had a lot of performances together. Beside her unit’s job Angel also release her single “Biarkan Mengalir” on the Indie music event named “Hericon”.

Now in 2017, Angelyn start rebranding herself with the stage name, “Angelyn” and gonna release her single and music video soon.